Since the first 8GB iPhone was launched in January of 2007 at USD 599, a new version has been released every year including the most recent iPhone 12 Pro Max which is priced at USD 1,199 for the 256GB model.

But is this really expensive? In order to make a fair comparison, let's adjust for inflation each iPhone's price at launch (we only used the higher end model for years with multiple releases).

ModelYearPrice at LaunchPrice in 2020
iPhone - 8GB2007$599$752
iPhone 3G - 16GB2008$699$845
iPhone 3GS - 32GB2009$699$848
iPhone 4 - 64GB2010$699$834
iPhone 4S - 64GB2011$849$982
iPhone 5 - 64GB2012$849$962
iPhone 5S - 64GB2013$849$949
iPhone 6 Plus - 128GB2014$949$1,043
iPhone 6S Plus - 128GB2015$949$1,042
iPhone 7 Plus - 256 GB2016$969$1,051
iPhone X - 256GB2017$1,149$1,220
iPhone XS Max - 256GB2018$1,449$1,502
iPhone 11 Pro Max - 512GB2019$1,449$1,475
iPhone 12 Pro Max - 512GB2020$1,399$1,399

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