The first ever X-Men comic I read featured Jubilee - I borrowed it from a friend of mine who religiously collected it. Flash forward 15 or so years since I first marveled at the plight of special people portrayed as heroes and we get to X-Men First Class.

I for one do not know where the X-Men began or how they met yet the latest release from the franchise made me appreciate the origins of some of our favorite mutants. X-Men First Class still packs a lot of punches (even after being the 5th release in the series) and is not too dragging or too haphazardly put together. It even takes apart a couple of things that may have made you think about the first few movies. If this movie is a proper "restart" to the series, I think we can safely say that we'll be expecting a lot more from the franchise in the year's to come.
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