And so it has ended.

Warning, may contain spoilers!

With an almost apocalyptic ending and a new ray of hope the Matrix Trilogy has ended. With a sunrise to signal a dawning of a new era for Man-Machine peace, the Matrix saga has eclipsed and just like it's other 2 movies, it has ended with a beginning.

The first one ended signaling for an escalated war. The second one ended signaling a possible apocalypse and a vast infinitesimal question on how it will end. This third and last signals a new hope for peace between man and machine.

With a less cheesier ending and a not too "speechy" dialogue albeit less time with Merv's wife, the last one is still chockfull of biblical and mythical parallels. 

Since I'll let the other readers divulge the details, I'll ask just these few questions with which came up after watching it.

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1. Is Neo dead?

2. Does the black cat signal a possible recurrence (i.e. it signals deja vu)? Will it mean a short lived peace?

3. How long will the peace indeed last?

4. How will they un-blacken the sky?

5. Just how receptive will man be to going back to "reality"

and so these are just a few questions, overall I enjoyed the movie and was given an ending fairly deserving of the movie.

Note: Some questions were suggested by other viewers.

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