Crime of necessity?

I lost both my side mirrors today, well just the mirrors. And I'm glad I got home alive without side mirrors - you could only imagine going through EDSA without them. Oh don't worry nothing else was taken, they couldn't even get the entire side mirror. Anyway, I check my car 4 times a day and wow they still manage to steal something. At least they didn't get the hubcaps or wheels. It'd be impossible for me to drive home without wheels or something?

Anyway, the side mirrors got stolen some time between 6pm and 9pm while I was at the gym. The gym is about 50 meters away from where the car was parked and my office was about 80 meters away from the car. I walked and left it there thinking it'd be a waste of gas or something to drive and park 50 meters away. I learned my lesson, from now on the car goes where I go,  at least when it's dark.

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