People Jam?

Welcome to the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Please form a line, we will be with you shortly.

It is true though, after years of training in UP, forming lines would be one thing you'll be well prepared for. Something that UP culture has never totally rid off, even after systems like the CRS have been implemented to alleviate Registration which when I was in first year in UP, took about 2 weeks. Now, it takes about a week but that's a start.

I've worked with the CRS by the way, I was part of a team of fantastic 4-somes aptly called Andromeda (he he we're geeks, don't worry).

Getting back to what I said earlier, forming queues in UP does make up as training because, as I have learned, when you graduate from UP you'll be forming more and more lines... hopefully not at the unemployment agency.

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