Eraserheads: Total Recall

Picture Courtesy: Ely Buendia of the Eraserheads

This band is definitely a particularly interesting chapter in Philippine Music History. Having come a long way from their first album, Ultraelectromagneticpop and with their roots tracing from their college days at University of the Philippines, Diliman, Ely Buendia and his three friends have had their name securely placed in our music and our culture.

It was December of 1989 when the Eraserheads combo was born out of two bands: Ely Buendia's "Sunday School" from Molave Residence Hall and his soon to be band mates from "Curfew" based in Narra Residence Hall. The combo played their first ever gig at a variety show called "Peace Lang Ya!", on the AS steps in UP.

Struggling through college and a string of on and off gigs, the four some finally made it into mainstream music after releasing their first album on July of 1993. Catchy songs, home based tunes and "para sa masa" lyrics catapulted the band into stardom and kids couldn't get enough of their music, especially because of their very liberal use of profanities.

With an almost Hollywoodish history, from drug use to artistic differences and other internal conflicts, this band managed to garner a cult following and a strong fan base and in the 13 years in the music industry, the Eraserheads surely couldn't have survived without them.

Sadly, after all these years, the Eraserheads is finally over. Ely Buendia left and was replaced by Kris Dancel. On the up side, founding members Raymund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala have transformed Eheads into the band that it is today.

With Ely's departure, a chapter in Music History is closed and the Eraserheads that we know of will forever be remembered. For now, we're still expecting new things from the reformed band.

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