Thousands of memories, brought by the rain....

Courtesy: Rivermaya making their video for "Umaaraw, umuulan" (Courtesy:

Rainy days are here again and we can't help it but reminisce of songs like "Ulan" by Rivermaya.

Being around for years now, Rivermaya has stayed firmly in the Music scene. The band was originally composed of Bamboo, Rico Blanco, Nathan Azarcon and Mark Escueta. I think right now they are composed of Mike Elgar, Mark Escueta, Japs Sergio & Kakoi Legaspi. Anyway, I guess its best if you remember them from their songs like "Elesi", "Awit Ng Kabataan" and "Himala".

This band has grown up with us and we've grown up with them. Nostalgia surely rings when we hear some of their songs. My "barkada" or childhood friends would be drinking San Mig light to this band and reminiscing of the good old high school days. Cheers!

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