Manila, I'm Coming home

Picture courtesy: Hotdog Hotdog at concert in Folk Arts Theater
(Courtesy: Hotdog)

With songs like "Bongga Ka, Day!" and "Annie Batungbakal" that bring back memories of our childhood, the band Hotdog with brothers Dennis and Rene Garcia have given us that unforgettable Manila sound.

Their first song "Ikaw ang Miss Universe ng Buhay Ko" - inspired by the then ongoing pageant fever in the country - was an automatic hit and of course the song for Manila was soon to invade the charts.

If San Francisco and New York had their songs, The Garcia brothers gave Manila its own. "Manila" which expressed the ever changing and "vibrant spirit" of the city and the music had a sense of welcome feel to it. Sort of like it's inviting people to come here.

So with this song, we invite you to come to Manila and experience the famous warmth and hospitality of the Philippines! Come home to Manila soon ok?

Official Site: Hotdog Music

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