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Picture courtesy: JohnMayer.com John Mayer rehearsing in Dublin, Ireland. (Courtesy: JohnMayer.com)

Currently being shelved as a one album wonder, John Mayer happily lives in my play list and of course the hearts of his avid fans.

With the release of his second album, "Room for Squares", in 2001, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter John Mayer slowly rose to stardom through the classic method: honest to goodness, 100% great music.

With songs like "No such thing", "Back to you" and "My stupid mouth", John Mayer was played regularly (and according to some people, incessantly) on the air waves and this might have led to his current disappearance from the radio play lists.

Even with all the seemingly negative reaction, "The man on the side" is still front and center with his music and his fans... Hoping to hear new songs from him soon.

Official Site: JohnMayer.com

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