The 2021 Starbucks Planner is now available and same as last year, you're going to need to buy 18 Tall drinks to get one.

The cheapest drink you can purchase is a Tall Brewed Coffee at PHP 110.00 each which means you'd be shelling out PHP 1,980 to collect each planner.

Be aware though of the environment impact especially since you cannot bring reusable cups due to the pandemic. The production of a standard coffee cup emits about 112 grams of CO2 which means 18 cups will contribute 2.02 kg of CO2 emissions.

While the planner itself is produced with eco-friendly paper, a study
found that an estimate of 0.09 m2 of natural habitat is destroyed to make
each cup. This means 1.62 m2 of natural habitat is destroyed to collect a planner.

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