The BEEP Card is in the news after the implementation of the contactless payment channel on buses. The card which was introduced in 2015 normally costs PHP 30.00 at MRT/LRT Stations but can go anywhere from PHP 50.00 to PHP 80.00 at other transport terminals. The most expensive place to get it so far is for PHP 150.00 at select Ministop branches. The BEEP card can be used at the MRT, LRT, P2P Buses, modernized jeeps and some shops.

If you've been travelling around the region, there are other contactless payment solutions from the Octopus card in Hong Kong to the Touch N Go card in Malaysia.

Hong Kong's Octopus card has been around since 1997 and as of today, can be used on the entire MTR network, trams, buses, ferries, some taxis, parking structures, vending machines, some petrol stations, some shops, and most convenience stores. Taipei on the other hand has had their EasyCard since 2001 and is also widely used from subways, rail lines, shops to tollways.

Bangkok on the other hand has the Rabbit card since 2012 but it can only be used on the BTS Sky train and some shops. The Rabbit card is not compatible with the Bangkok MRT and a new card is pending integration with the two networks. In Jakarta, the opening of the first subway in 2019 was not the catalyst of their contactless payment - it was prompted by both buses and commuter rail. Several contactless solutions in the city have been around since 2007 including Flazz.

Singapore launched the EZLink in 2000 and the versatile card can be used almost everywhere on the island nation. Malaysia on the other hand has also had their Touch N Go launch in 2007 and has since then teamed up with Singapore's EZ Link for cross-border transactions.


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