It's sticker season once again and if you're collecting the 2020 Starbucks Planner, it's very similar to last year's rules. First, you need to opt-in to the promo on your Starbucks app then you'll need to buy 18 Tall drinks.

The cheapest drink you can purchase is a Tall Brewed Coffee at
PHP 110.00 (5 calories) each which means you would be shelling out PHP 1,980 to collect one planner and you would also be consuming a total of 90 calories.

To produce a standard coffee cup, one would emit about 0.112 Kg of CO2 which means 18 cups will contribute about 2.02 Kg of CO2 emissions. To help the environment, bring your own cup and you also get to save PHP 5.00 per drink.

We've been sharing this post for a couple of years now, check out the rest of the infographics we've shared here.

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