The partial and unofficial 2016 Philippine Elections results were received at a break neck speed: in less than 4 hours, over 70% of all vote counting machines (VCM) have transmitted their results but that's not all that we should be proud of.


The speed and efficiency of delivering the partial unofficial results is the primary achievement. What used to take days or weeks in the previously elections can now be done in a couple of hours.
Year Hours to transmit 70% of results Total results transmitted
2010 11 hours 90%
2013 5 hours 76%
2016 4 hours 95.55% (as of May 11, 11:55pm)

Voting Machine Issues

As the number of voters grow, the number of machines for each clustered precincts also need to grow. With each election year, there is a corresponding decrease in machines that need replacement.
Year % Machines replaced due to issues Total Vote Counting Machines
2010 0.27% 205 76,347
2013 0.22% 171 77,829
2016 0.15% 143 92,509


According to the PNP, this year's elections was generally peaceful. If we look at previous Presidential elections, the trend for Election Related Violence Incidents (ERVI) has been decreasing (Source: Democracy at Gunpoint, Vera Files).
Year Election Related Violence Incidents Casualties
2004 249 468
2010 180 155
2016 164 N/A


Lastly, the turnout for the last few elections has been at around 75%. We've jumped back to a turnout of 81.6% this year, the highest since 2001. However the highest turnout for an election still remains at 89.5% during the 1984 Batasang Pambansa Elections

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