Today Thomson Reuters has introduced a landmark company policy allowing same-sex partners eligible as dependents and beneficiaries for company benefits. They join the other companies listed below in providing tangible benefits (not just on paper) for LGBTs.

5. Thomson Reuters
Employees: 2,200 (Philippines)
Benefits: Partners of same sex couples may be added as dependents for HMO, insurance plans
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4. Convergys
Employees: 35,000 (Philippines)
Benefits: Various programs and activities

3. Citibank
Employees: 4,200 (Philippines)
Benefits: Various programs and activities
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2. ADP
Employees: 2,000 (Philippines)
Benefits: Various programs and activities, Partners of same-sex couples recognized as dependents.
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1. Accenture
Employees: 25,000 (Philippines)
Benefits: Activities and various in house programs through the "LGBT Network"
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