Selecta recently launched Magnum in the Philippines and a lot of people are raving about the product (or ranting about the price). So we did a little research and with a little help from our friends found that Magnum is not so expensive in the Philippines.

In fact, our research suggests that even for an ice cream that is imported from Australia, the retail price is at least half compared to the same ice cream sold in Sydney. So here's our infographic of the day about the Global Index of Prices for Magnum ice cream. Do tell us what you think about Magnum and if you're free tell us how much it costs in your city or local area.

Special thanks to Adrian Cuyugan, Anna Dimerin, Wil Laxa, Chris Lumanglas, William Luu, Maan Mallen, Jae Cee Maniego, John Reggie Montoya, Nyl Rafols Patangan and Tino Santos. Without them, this report would not have been possible.

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