If you're yet to have a crush on MMDA for bringing the latest traffic news on their Twitter and twitpic, prepare to be blown head-over-heels, truly, madly, deeply in love with MMDA for bringing the first ever, real time interactive traffic monitoring system in the country.

The website has three main views of the city with a "System view" showing how the 6 major routes of EDSA (Blue line), Quezon Ave. (Purple line), Espana (Green line), C5 (Brown line), Roxas Boulevard (Light Blue line) and SLEX (Yellow line) interact with each other. Users can click on major points along these lines to get the traffic information.

Users can also view the system on a per line basis and select whether they want only North bound or South bound traffic reports. Finally the system is tied up to Google maps and presented in a map view. There are also live Facebook and Twitter updates shown on the foot of the interface for easy reference.

The website is currently maintained by TV5's Interaksyon news and MMDA and so far the system shows up-to-the-minute live traffic reports.

Image sources: Images are taken from screen shots of the MMDA Metro Manila Traffic Navigator site.

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