The Friend Matrix application has been going around Facebook for a couple of days now and many are wondering if the application is legitimate or not. Well here's what we've found out so far and if you're still worried about it read through our investigation below.

What is it?

As you might have seen, FriendMatrix is a Facebook application that creates "a unique collage of your friends and posts them on your wall" (see above image). Additionally the app tags photos of your friends on the collage which then posts it into the corresponding friends' walls. Sounds a little bit spammy but nothing bad going on behind the application so far.

Is it bad?

The application asks for "permissions (that) must be accepted in order to use the application because they are required in the analysis process, which enables the application to automatically generate results." Among these permissions are access to user photos, tags, likes and other activities. While this is harmless at the onset, one should be wary to keep an application with such a wide array of permissions in the long run.

In fact here's what some popular website reputation analysis tools are saying:
Trend Micro Site Safety: Unrated (Categorized as Entertainment)
McAfee Site Advisor: Safe
WOT: Poor Reputation

Should I use it?

Our initial suggestion says yes, let the application take fun collages of your friends. However, once you are happy with the generated collage, we suggest you promptly remove the application.

To remove the application (after you've generated your collage)

1. Click on "Account" then "Privacy Settings" and under "Apps and Websites" click on "Edit Settings"
2. In the section "Apps you use" click on "Edit Settings"
3. You should now have navigated to this page
4. Click on "Edit Settings" and "Remove App" on the right of the applications and websites you no longer use or are unfamiliar with

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