Romantic movies tend to become formulaic - person x meets y, conflict arises between x and y, x either gets y or never does. From movies as old as Casablanca and Roman Holiday to last yearr's Enchanted, this formula holds true and therefore it is absolutely rare - and often refreshing - to find movies that fall out of this scope like 1995's Before Sunrise and the more recent Kar Wai Wong film, My Blueberry Nights.

Not to divulge much about the plot, Elizabeth (played by Norah Jones) meets Jeremy (played by Jude Law) in New York after catching her boyfriend with another woman. She then sets off to a journey to discover herself and Rachel Weisz, Natalie Portman and David Strathairn are people she meet on the rest of her soul searching.

Aside from being far from your typical romantic flick, My Blueberry Nights was absolutely a nice change from the blockbuster flicks that will be flocking into cinemas on the upcoming weeks. If you have time, catch it on DVD.

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