Iron Man graced screens all over Manila over the weekend as the big budget action movie officially announced the start of the "Summer" box office in the US - which incidentally means tons of big budget, high profile movies coming to Philippine shores in the next few months.

A warning to fans though, this Iron Man is way different from the Iron Man you grew up with. As Batman Begins was a major update from any Batman movie or comic from before, Iron Man has also been given the same treatment. Tony Stark is no longer fighting on German soil but on Afghan sand, he's no longer in a wheel chair and the technology has advanced to oh so futuristic proportions. But underneath all the shiny updates, Iron Man is still the same old hero we grew up with.

Movie-wise, there was a bit of a hint of Transformers in the latter part of the movie and much to the delight of Al Gore fans out there, watch out for tons of references to green technology. Technology-wise, the fire-fighting bot is absolutely adorable while the friendly hand reminds me too much of Spider-Man 2.

Iron man is currently still playing in cinemas and when you do catch it with friends, remember to stay until the end of the credits.

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