All About Google Mail

"So far so good," I thought to myself as I reflected upon almost a week's use of Google Mail. So far the service has been fast and uninterupted. I wouldn't mind the following feature sets though:

1. Ability to attach and detach messages to/from conversations.
2. The ability to drill down into a new message within a conversation.
3. Collapsable and Expandable Inbox (I.e. To show the conversation thread at the Inbox level.)

There have been some minor bugs (spam vs. real messages, ads overlapping navigation buttons) but I think that google did a good job with this one. Besides the above request, I love the following features:

1. Labels instead of folders.
2. The death of the "Delete" button. (well perhaps just a heart attack?)
3. Messages are grouped into conversations.

Oh and if you want an invite, post a picture of yourself below (links will do) and I'll pick the best picture then give you an invite. (Remember to fill in your email)

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