Rage against the dying of the light

"What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us." - Thomas Carlyle

Education is the key to the future as one person said and through reading we will definitely learn something. Sadly, the budget for both education and hence the procurement of books is not a priority for most congressmen especially those with hidden interests and malice.

An example of this is the failure of Senate to approve Senate Bill 2587 which seeks to help the University of the Philippines in terms of salary increases for professors and greater institutional autonomy. The result of this bill would have meant better pay for professors who are now leaving the University for corporations that offer better pay.

Through Senator Pangilinan's help, the bill slowly advanced in the senate. Unfortunately due to another Senator's "petty politicking", the bill was not passed.

With a new set of congressmen and senators to fill in after the 2004 elections in May, there is no assurance that the bill will be passed and indeed the journey will begin yet again, and painfully so, from the first step. As each day passes without the much needed development, the light flickers and dies for the future of not just the students but of the country.

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