Give a man a fish he lives for a day,
Teach a man to fish he depletes the sea of it...

Saturday is market day, time to buy some of my favorite food stuffs including sea food. As I was shopping for some Milkfish (locally called Bangus) and Squid, I realized the implications of an article I read in CNN, CBC and Guardian UK - that the big fishes of the sea are indeed disappearing.

For a country reliant on the sea for a big portion of its diet, fishermen seem to be uneducated about how they are affecting the ecology. Some fishermen catch fish, crab, lobsters and other seafood that are too young. Doing so reduces the chance for that particular seafood to reproduce and hence replenish their already dwindling numbers. Over fishing is also another problem. Pollution even more so. For a country that is this reliant on the sea, how can we be so unmindful of it?

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