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A very likable mainstream US band, Train is apparently not that popular here in the Philippines. Owing to the fact of my difficulty to find their album in the local record stores, I guess they're either sold out or were never stocked in the first place.

train10.jpg Train (Courtesy:

Anyway, unrewarded on finding their album, I settled on 'trying out' their music on their site and then some popular download sites. Unfortunately, my craving for getting their album was further increased.

Pat Monahan, Charlie Colin, Jimmy Stafford, and Scott Underwood forms Train which began in 1994 when Pat  met Rob Hotchkiss (who left the band in 2003). Playing around with their third album, "My Private Nation", I discovered a very delightful mix of meaningful songs.

Among their other albums, I liked "Drops Of Jupiter", "Meet Virginia" and "I am" all of which have that not too alternative, not too pop mix and feel to it.

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