According to the DOH, it has budgeted Php 500 Milion for HIV/STI Prevention Programs in 2015 and of that amount only 60% is allotted for treatment.

As of June 2015, there have been 26,456 reported cases of HIV/AIDS and as per PhilHealth, it costs Php 30,000 to treat a patient annually which includes "Drugs and medicines, laboratory examinations, including Cluster Difference 4 (CD4) level determination test and test for monitoring of anti-retro viral drugs (ARV) toxicity and professional fees of providers."

If you do a rough math, that equates to Php 793,680,000 which already exceeds the total budget for 2015 (NOTE: not just the 60% but all of it!). Granted that not everyone who has HIV/AIDS avails the full Php 30,000 for treatment, and that there are other sources of funding, the total number of cases is already more than double what the DOH can only realistically care for (which is 10,000 cases based on the budget of 60% of Php 500 million).

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