Have you been receiving a lot of spam messages about a free iPad on Facebook? Read up on Trend Micro's Blog about the full story behind it.

While this spam is virtually harmless in the sense that it does not install malicious software on your desktop, laptop or Facebook applications. Malicious persons behind it are earning money from ads clicked by unsuspecting users on the "In Memory of Steve Jobs, we're giving away 1,000 free iPad 2's" page.

As much as possible, do not click on the "Free iPad" Facebook spam that you may have received via Facebook. This includes wall posts, chats, comments, emails or private messages.

If you have inadvertently clicked on the link, and followed the succeeding instructions on the Facebook page, simply close the tab or page that you were directed to.

The site is currently not rated by any of the following tools:
Trend Micro Site Safety: Unrated and Untested
McAfee Site Advisor: Queued for testing
WOT: No result found

Disclaimer: I am not a security expert and I offer these instructions with no guarantees. Remember to keep your security software up to date!

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