Starbucks VIA and Origami

It was July last year when Starbucks released the Starbucks Origami Personal Drip. It is an innovative, convenient, single-use pour-over brewing system that allows customers to freshly brew a cup of Starbucks coffee wherever they are in the world.

Instant Drip Coffee

The main difference between VIA and Origami is that VIA is instant powdered coffee that you mix with water while Origami is instant drip coffee that comes in a disposable receptacle (ground coffee and brewing receptacle included) that you place on your cup and pour water over.

Coffee Unfolded

The single serve pack comes with a sleeve and receptacle that you unfold and place on top of your cup. After you remove the receptacle from the package, you open it from the top then push it from the sides to form the sleeve after which you place it on top of your cup.

Pour hot water, let seep, enjoy

Once you've placed the receptacle on top of your cup, just pour in boiling water and let it seep. After a few minutes you get to enjoy your freshly brewed drip coffee. The initial available blends are House Blend, Breakfast Blend and Espresso Roast although I'm not sure which one will head to Manila's shores yet.

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