A new worm called WORM_STAC.A is riding on the World Cup fever. Initially reported by Trend Micro, the worm circulates by email with subjects like "Soccer fans killed five teens" and "Crazy soccer fans" and attachments named "soccer_pics.jpg.exe" and "soccer_fans.jpg.exe " among others. If you have received a suspicious email containing details of WORM_STAC.A as described above, it is recommended that you do not open or download the attachments.

Are you affected?
If you have downloaded, opened or clicked on the attachments you need to run your Antivirus program. if you do not have an AV application on your computer, you may check out the Solution provided by Trend Micro below.

More Information:
BBC - Nude worm tempts World Cup fans
TrendMicro- WORM_STAC.A

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