First, here is a copy of the full text of Proclamation 1017 or the Proclamation of the State of National Emergency.

What is a State of National Emergency?
The President has declared a State of National Emergency based on Section 18, Article 7 of the Philippine Constitution.

How does it affect me?
With this proclamation, the President may set up inspections, road blocks or increase military and police presence. You may face random inspections on major roads. The President has also suspended all permits to carry firearms and all permits for rallies. If you rebel against the government, you may be arrested.

Are my civil liberties protected?
Your civil liberties are partially denied in the sense that (1) free speech is denied in the ban of rallies, or of your right to speak against the government. (2) Your right to carry firearms is denied. (3) You may be arrested without a warrant of arrest - although you have to be charged with the offense.

What can I do to protect myself?
As the proclamation is constitutional (unless revoked by Supreme Court), you may protect yourself by inquiring with your attorney or legal counsel if you feel that you're wrongfully denied rights or are accused of sedition/rebellion or other charges.

How do I avoid high conflict areas?
If you wish to avoid high conflict areas (i.e. areas that have protests) I recommend you avoid the following areas (1) Malacanang and Mendiola, (2) Fort Bonifactio Military HeadQuarters, (3) People Power Monument and EDSA Shrine. It is also recommended that you avoid unnecessary travel as there are many police inspections and road blocks.

This FAQ is not official and offers no guarantees. Protect yourself by knowing your rights and contacting legal counsel.

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