Google gets personal

Searching has never been a problem for me. Although my memory isn't so bad and I rarely have difficulty finding files in my computer, I found it rather interesting to try out Google Desktop Search.

As it is a new system, I decided to throw a monkey wrench in there and see where it went. Here's some tests I'm conducting on Google Desktop Search.

1. Secure files - If password protected MS Office files and/or folders are searched. (Several tests failed! Password protected MS Word Documents can be searched! And You can Open these documents too via Google Cache.)

2 Secure folders - If windows folders that you don't have access to (protected via Security management) can be searched. (Results pending.)

3. System folders/Hidden folders - If Windows folders and/or hidden folders can be searched. (Results pending.)

4. Cross user switching - If you can search your results from other Windows accounts (Several tests failed! You can search your own Desktop in other accounts in your Windows XP system. Take note of the address of Google Desktop Search (mine is and type that address while using other accounts in the system. You can then view your own results.)

On a personal note, I think you should be responsible in keeping your system clean and in order. You should keep your files safe and secure. Label and file them in proper folders and with proper names. Back them up to CDs or drives and label these properly. This way, you don't need to rack your brain on where you placed that file.

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