We arch and bend and stretch, and cover up or file it down. The errors, quirks, the moles removed, the teeth wightened and straightened, continually painting Journalism's face undeniably perfect. So how come news that news isn't exactly news is news to some people? Outfoxed and Fahrenheit 9/11, are 2 documentaries that recently portrayed news as biased certainly surprised a lot of people.

But hasn't this been obvious for years? If you can connect hollywood big shots in six degrees (or less), wouldn't you be able to do the same with politicians and broadcasters and businessmen? Specially here in the Philippines where newscasters become mayors and 6pm news anchors take the country's second highest post (though notably alot of Journalists still end up getting shot.)

Where does the line between fair news and fair gain end? A news corporation has to preserve it's capital gain and it can do this by "skewing" their news or the news to favor or go against certain politicians. If that doesn't work then you could always put up your own mayors and congressmen and senators up there.

We've known that most of the news has been biased for years and that there is no 100% guarantee that the news that get's to your door, or reaches your inbox or scrolls on the bottom of your TV screen is fair and balanced but I'm sure that you still buy that paper because of the comics, and watch that news because of the sports highlights and open your news digest to click on the off beat news...

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