Under the bridge

A family of 6 huddles under a bridge collecting spare change for their dinner. As December comes, more and more poor children, teens and even entire families flock to the city to beg for money.

It's kind of sad actually, most of us remember our Christmases as fun and cheerful. Racing to open our gifts at Christmas morn and having a feast the night before. To families like these, happiness comes in a pack of fries and a cup of Coke given by passers by.

This Christmas why not make a difference? Donate to your local charities and make the childhood memories of these children brighten.

Local Foundations
Caritas: (+632 563-9311, +632 563-8380)
Tuloy Foundation: (+632 560-2271)

Submitted: Photo Friday: Childhood (@ 12/12/2003, #4)

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