In dependence day 

Today the Philippines celebrates its Independence day and since the holiday was moved to Friday... I wasn't able to go to the celebrations today because of work.

Fortunately, I was able to get off from work a bit late.. hence the timing was great for shooting the Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC). The QMC is a tribute to Manuel L. Quezon, first president of the Philippine Commonwealth under the American Occupation... erm... I think.

I was asked before on how I felt about our Independence. I answered that I am very grateful to our national heroes for laying their lives down for their country. Unfortunately, I quickly pointed out, its quite obvious that we are not completely free. We are still bound by forces outside our control. Economics, trade, world affairs, terrorism, there are a lot of forces that bind our dependence to the world. Our dependence on oil, exports to other countries, membership to the World Trade Organization (WTO), all of this bind us in some way or another to other countries... hence the question begs, are we truly independent?

Discounting discussions on society, I wish all Filipinos here and around the world a happy ID12.  See you all on Saturday, because there will be no broadcast on Friday (13 June 2003). I will be going to Bataan and Pampangga, provinces just North of Manila for a short 2 day vacation. See you all Saturday!

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