We've been sharing details about the Starbucks planners for some time now. So this year we're coming out with our regular infographic about it.

The planners are a little more expensive this year since you need to collect 18 stickers instead of 17. Be prepared to shell out at least PHP 2,025 per planner if you purchase the short holiday drinks (PHP 140 each) and the short brewed coffee (PHP 85 each). That would mean you consume at least 1,845 calories to collect each one but you can cut back 900 calories if you go for non-fat milk and remove the whipped cream. You can also go the more expensive route and shell out PHP 5,000 on merchandise or load PHP 5,000 into your Starbucks card to get a free planner.

Since there are 4 planners, you would have to shell out at least PHP 8,100 and consume around 7,380 calories to collect all of the variants. If you're interested, we also compiled the list for the two other coffee chains that offer planners below.

  Starbucks Seattle's Best Coffee Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Number of stickers needed 18 stickers
9 regular drinks
9 holiday drinks
18 stickers
10 regular drinks
8 holiday drinks
12 stickers
8 regular drinks
1 holiday drink
1 espresso drink
1 tea latte drink
1 original ice blended drink
Total Cost (Cheapest drinks) PHP 2,025 PHP 2,150 PHP 1,460
Total Calories 1,845 calories 2,210 calories 690 calories
  20131104_095310 20131029_085840 20131104_094823

Note: Starbucks is a registered trademark of Starbucks Co.
Financials and images for the infographic are taken from the Starbucks website.

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