A Crimson Warning 

This is one of the 365 sunsets you could see at Bataan, a province just North of Manila. I went there over the weekend to visit my hometown which is in Bagac. (A Special Project will be up about that on Friday).

This shot was almost impossible for me as I almost arrived there late, I was hoping to catch the sun setting but I only got a chance to catch its final rays on the sun.

This picture also has a double meaning. There's this saying, that when the sky turns gold during sunset, a ship captain will expect heavy rains soon. In this same way, the Napocor (National Power Corporation) Village in Bagac where I lived for 3 years in my childhood, is facing a dark future. Do come by Friday and find out why this asset of the government has been left to the dogs.

Submitted: Photo Friday: Atmosphere (@ 4/2/2004, # 12)

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