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Starbucks Planner 2015

The cost of the Starbucks 2015 Planner

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November 2014
Taguig City

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As much as it's a tradition for Filipinos to collect the Starbucks planners, it's been a tradition for us to post this guide on how to collect it.

For this year, many customers will find it a surprise that the loophole on collecting planners - purchasing Starbucks Card load or GCs - have been closed. Customers will no longer get a free planner when they load Php 7,000 or buy the same amount in GCs. They will however still get one when they purchase that same amount of merchandise or food.

The planners once again increased in prices as regular customers would know that the company has been using the red cups as a way to make their (almost annual) price increase less noticeable. It's perfect timing since they change the in-store decor with the new products (decor means posters and price tablets) and it's also the peak time of the year in terms of sales. So be prepared to shell out at least PHP 2,160 per planner if you purchase 9 short holiday drinks (PHP 150 each) and 9 short brewed coffees (PHP 90 each). That would mean you consume at least 2,205 calories to collect each one but you can cut back 900 calories if you go for non-fat milk and remove the whipped cream.

Since there are 4 planners, you would have to shell out at least PHP 8,640 and consume around 8,820 calories to collect all of the variants. If you're interested, we also compiled the list for the two other coffee chains that offer planners below.

  Starbucks Seattle's Best Coffee Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Number of stickers needed 18 stickers
9 regular drinks
9 holiday drinks
18 stickers
10 regular drinks
8 holiday drinks
12 stickers
8 regular drinks
3 holiday drinks
1 espresso drink
Total Cost (Cheapest drinks) PHP 2,160 PHP 2,120 PHP 1,360
Total Calories 2,205 calories 2,210 calories 840 calories
  Starbucks Planner Seattle's Best Dream Journal Coffee Bean Planner

Note: Starbucks is a registered trademark of Starbucks Co.
Financials and images for the infographic are taken from the Starbucks website.


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